Polaris Bios Editor 3.8.1 PRO Performance

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There are more and more fake shops that they try to look like this shop and probably try to scam you. Always check for the right address https://miningbios.com with SSL lock.

Try to avoid using on lot of machines, it might block you from using it. (activation is limited on 3 times)

Timings optimized for ETH and XMR or Universal, you can choose which one you want

Timings for 4GB or 8GB cards auto choosing the best timings for your card memory size

Detect more types of memory

Automatic undervolting, overclocking,power saving option

Windows and Linux option

Supports all RX cards Polaris and Baffin (RX 460/470/480/550/560/570/580)

 update –> PBE 3.8.1

What’s new ?


  • Fixes in code

3 reviews for Polaris Bios Editor 3.8.1 PRO Performance

  1. dvduae (verified owner)

    great editor, it increased my hashrate upto 31MHz and lowered my CPU, very recommended for all the miners out there.

  2. Alian (verified owner)

    Very good this version, I managed to improve my hash in xmr-stak.
    My RX 580 Sappire Pulse was 1,110 hs ago and agoa is doing 1170 hs
    With low consumption.
    I was able to decrease Overclock and Memory Clock on Hiveos.

  3. mbunal

    this is simplest bios editor. just select some options and click the “one click patch” button. bingo…
    after bios mod with pbe3.4, my cards had a speed increase of 0.25 mhs and a power reduction of about 2 watts.

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