First on Internet Official VegaBiosEditor with source code!!!

This is First official VegaBiosEditor, also i publish this "VBE" with source code, but this software still in beta version, and need to fix some stuffs. Link to my github: click here --->> VegaBiosEditor If someone understand C# Windows Forms and WPF, also understand hex editing and want to help in this project send me mail @ shomi199870@gmail.com   Also if s...
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Bitcoin Mining Giants Woo Miners with Next-Generation Chips

Bitcoin mining, hardware maker, Bitmain, has announced a new next-gen mining ASIC chip dubbed the BM1391. Bitmain’s co-founder, Jihan Wu, recently made the announcement at the Digital Mining Summit in Georgia. Designed to run on the SHA256 algorithm, the 7nm Finfet mining chip reportedly utilizes over a billion transistors for unparalleled eff...
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